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“The new track was born in the beginning of December. I tried to do one thing, but I created something else. It made me understand clearly, that it was exactly the thing, that was lacking in the project of the new album. The work on this album stopped due to revision of its content. Melodies, created by me, stubbornly didn't want to coexist, and something had to be postponed again... And I had to find a replacement.
Composition with the Spanish title ‘Terrallende’ suddenly fit well in general canvas of the upcoming album. ‘Terrallende’ can be translated as ‘Outland’. For a long time there was a section called ‘Outland’ on my website, where I collected an interesting material, that didn’t relate to music directly, but one way or another is an important filling of my life. This section exists also in the new version of the website, but have not come to life yet. It waits for something - probably for my participation. But once the eponymous melody appeared, it means that ‘outland’ of my urges and night watches is soon to come to the designed orbit.”


from International Electronic Music Alliance: Berlin School Compilation, released January 4, 2014
Previously unreleased, 2013
Written by Andrey Klimkovsky