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“Fluctuations Number Two is one of three related tracks which I recorded in early summer 2013, all on the same day and using basically the same sounds, while rehearsing for my concert with Tommy Betzler on the Schwingungen Gartenparty.
However, these special tracks were not directly for that concert; one was an improvisation that I played especially for the radioshow ‘The Underground Äxpärten’ hosted by John Valk and Norbert Zumdiek.
I had promised Norbert to send him a new track in time for his next show, but I was late and it was the last day to do so.
The other two tracks actually were spontaneous birthday presents for one of my listeners, and a good friend. Their original titles were ‘Fluxus 1’ and ‘Fluxus 2’, however I decided now that the tracks are released to change their titles to ‘Fluctuations Number 1, 2 and 3’ (respectively).
‘Fluctuations Number 1’ and ‘... Number 3’ will be included in my upcoming SynGate album ‘Thirteen Rites of Passage’.”


from International Electronic Music Alliance: Berlin School Compilation, released January 4, 2014
Previously unreleased, 2013
Written by Michael Brückner